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What is on offer at our Adventure Camps

The fun never stops at United Adventure Camps!

The end of the summer holidays is upon us once more. How can so many weeks whizz by so quickly? Because “Time flies when you’re having fun”, and that’s what campers find in abundance at our multi-activity holiday camps!

It’s true, the days pass in a flash at a United Adventure camp. With so many activities creating so much enjoyment, there’s no wonder. Thankfully, just because summer is coming to a close, your child’s next incredible holiday camp experience is just around the corner!

That’s right. Our adventure camps run for the entire year, in line with school terms and holidays. And the best part? When your child returns to the classroom in September, it’s only seven weeks until our October half-term holiday camp! So, whether your little one is ready for the new term or not too keen, let them know their next holiday camp adventure is already in the line of sight – it’s sure to put a spring in their step and a smile on their face!

School holiday Club Adventure Camps

The best school holiday adventure camps, all with fun themes!

At our October half-term holiday camp, kids can expect spook-tacular Halloween-themed festivities. Think witch’s potions, ghosts, and cobwebs galore woven into our activities – and of course, every child’s favourite wizard, Harry Potter!

During our February half-term holiday club, we start to look forward to the fairer weather. Our Spring-theme comes into play, and we enjoy lots of outdoor games as the daffodils begin to pop up around us.

At our Easter holiday camps, we turn our focus towards bunnies, chicks and eggs. Not forgetting everyone’s favourite Easter treat: chocolate!! (And always in moderation!)

With the May half-term holiday camp typically a warmer week, it’s time for fun water play, nature walks and den building in the woods.

And before we know it, it’s summer again – aka the BIG one, where the theme changes every week, and our campers enjoy one massive bundle of FUN all summer long!

Children preparing to play sport

The beauty of a United Adventure Camp is…?

Where do we begin?! There is SO much on offer at our holiday camps, with every activity hand-picked carefully to engage children, utilising physical, cognitive and social skills.

How about kicking the day off with some football? Or perhaps dazzle your child with a dance and drama session? From woodland crafting to water gun wars, den building to dodgeball, an adventure camp timetable includes plenty of all sorts selected from over 60 tried and tested games, sports and activities.

And don’t worry if this sounds like too much. We reserve plenty of time in the day to take a break, chill out, rehydrate and refuel. Because busy adventure campers need plenty of energy to last until home time!

Age matters…

It’s super important to place children with others of a similar age to get the most out of their day at our holiday club. Each adventure camp is age-based, so you can be sure your child is with other young people at a similar life stage and ready to explore activities designed to stimulate, socialise and up all kinds of skills.

Read more about our aged-based multi-activity adventure camps!

Mini explorers (age 3-4) Junior explorers (age 5-7)  Wild explorers (age 8-11)  Senior explorers (age 12-14)  Survival Academy (Bushcraft only age 8-14)

Make friends

Camps are a place filled with people wanting a day filled with games, fun tasks and enjoyment. While many school friends come together to our adventure camp, it’s an absolute definite you’ll make many more during your time with us. Guaranteed!

Try something new

It’s true, our days are jam-packed with activities – we pride ourselves on it. With so much on offer, there’s always something different to try – even for our campers who visit us every school holiday. Camp leaders encourage your child to step outside their comfort zone and give a new skill, game or task a try. And when they do, they’re always super proud of themselves!

No tech

We feel children get plenty of tech-time at home and in school these days, so we keep our holiday camps a tech-free zone. Except when the camp leader books your child into camp for the day, there are no screens in site.

Performing arts programme for children

And who besides our campers makes our camps so incredible?

Our team, of course! Our enthusiastic, super-helpful team are mostly graduates or specialists in child care, child education, EYFS, and junior sports delivery. Some are part-way through studying towards a qualification to work with children full time, meaning our camps help to create the children’s specialists of tomorrow. Which is a fabulous feeling!

All interests, all ages, all year round!

We feel there is something to perk the interest of any young person at a United adventure camp. Even those children who fancy something less ‘adventurous’.

If your child has never been to camp before or simply prefers quieter activities in smaller group settings, there’s our new Kids Club.

Then there are our holiday camps designed for all sport-mad kids who know exactly how they want to spend their days – running wild at our Football camp, Tennis camp or Multi-sport camp! Or, your child can progress in the pool at our United Swim school. We even have a programme for those who love acting, drama and dance, our Stars camp!

Genuinely, something for all interests and ages during every UK school holiday.

So, then. Who’s looking forward to our next Adventure camp?




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