It’s people first at United Education,

We look for people who put their heart into what they do, and then help them to lead.
Our Roles

The Magic

We believe that the most important quality for a teacher is personality, which we call “magic”. This includes how outgoing and energetic they are as well as their dedication to child development. They must also be able inspire children by having an inspiring teaching approach – this leads us into our second factor: inspires students’ interest in learning new things!

We’re making dreams come true! We provide a range of services for children, from multi-activity camps to performing arts school. Our mission is simple: give them what they need and want in order that their potential can be realised – when it comes time decide where they take their life next depends upon how much guidance has been provided during their formative years by professionals who understand their needs best

We’re always looking for new talent, so if you have a dedication to teaching and want some money in your pocket while gaining student experience—we may be able help!

A great place to work

  • A fun-first working environment
  • A passionate team of like-minded individuals
  • Opportunities to build skills in confidence, leadership and communication 
  • A variety of roles available from hands on Activity Leaders to management roles 
  • Nationally recognised training opportunities
  • Great development opportunities – many of our head office team have worked their way up through the business
Teenagers at camp aged 12-14