Who We Are

United Education is a portfolio of exciting brands, each of which specialises in experiential learning for the next generation, spanning outdoor education, international schools, leadership courses and summer camps.

There’s so much joy to be had in education; whether you’re teaching, learning, or simply seeing others flourish. We believe that non-formal experiences develop the whole student, and provide important enrichment opportunities for young people. Through outdoor learning, free play, travel, language, hands-on activities and socialising, our aim is to empower the next generation to live extraordinary lives.

Our ambition is to build a portfolio of products delivering these experiences across all age groups and in a variety of safe, purpose-built environments. From residential woodland camps and specialist sport, music and drama camps to overseas expeditions, our vision is to build brands that are market leaders in each sector.

We are constantly looking for companies who can help us to achieve these aims and expand our range of products to deliver the very best experiences and opportunities for the next generation.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come in the last five years, we’re excited about the future and determined to keep enjoying ourselves along the way

Our values are the common thread that weaves through our activities. They help us to steer through the days and stick to what’s important. All our young people, leaders, and parents are different, but sharing these values binds us together and makes us stronger.


Bringing the divided together without prejudice and with a warm welcome.


Providing the opportunity for choice and growth, to become who you truly want to be.


To create an environment where inclusivity, shared achievements and  creativity create collective happiness.


Identify and nurture individual strengths, to enable the next generation to become motivational leaders.


Remember where we started and that we are all human with a shared purpose.


Ofsted registration number: 2567273