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Sports camps for all ages.

Every day at a United Academy of Sport, children will experience high-quality training sessions that have been planned and organised by our team of sport mad coaches. Whether you are dreaming of becoming an international sporting superstar or simply want to get active with your friends, there is something for everyone. Our specialised sports academies are designed to give your child the opportunity to, develop technical skills, grow a tactical understanding of the chosen sport, and enjoy spending time with friends being active and healthy.

Multi-Sports Programmes

Age 6-14

Our multi-sport camp is packed full of different sports and competitions. We have created a safe environment where children can experience a variety of sports and learn new skills. Anyone who attends leaves with new skills that will ensure they have the ability to have lifelong participation in sport.


Swim School

Unlike other sports, swimming is not seasonal. Water confidence is a year-round necessity. As a result of the pandemic, many people had limited to no access to swimming facilities last year. We are committed to getting people back in the water, safely. 

Our professional and friendly coaches are invested in your swimming development and will implement our confidence-building curriculum to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable in the water. 


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Football programmes

Age 8-12

Whether you are a total football beginner, or the next England superstar, our highly qualified football coaches deliver a programme that gives everybody the opportunity to improve their football skills as well as to have fun playing games and earning awesome awards.


Tennis Programmes

Age 8-12

The tennis camp uses the highest quality coaches to deliver a programme specifically designed to aid the development of young athletes. Our coaches help to develop each player’s technical skill, tactical understanding and physical capabilities.