Local tennis clubs for children aged 6-14

Enjoy a week of fun and skills at our Tennis Camp

The tennis camp is open to players of all ability levels. Our coaches are trained in the art of differentiation and can ensure that no matter what level an athlete is at, the activities provide an opportunity to engage and develop the fundamentals of the game. Young players will develop their skills and can apply them to fun, friendly games.

At United Camps, we use the highest quality coaches to deliver a programme specifically designed to aid the development of young athletes. Our coaches help to develop each player’s technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical capabilities

Join our Tennis Camps this holiday:

Children will have a great time playing tennis and learning new skills
Coaches are experienced and qualified
Fun activities included such as arts and crafts, team games etc.
Children will improve their teamwork and social skill

Facilities and locations

Each venue is perfect for the activities our campers love. Using the best sports facilities –  – our team creates a daily schedule well-paced and engaging, with plenty of choices to please every child.*

We are Ofsted accredited!

Staff reviews

What do our leaders say?

"I've absolutely LOVED being a Activity Leader and Early Years Leader at United Education since 2018! It's so much fun spending holidays with our little ones - I love working with children and helping them to realise their potential. Every day at camp is different, and no two children are the same. This is what makes the job so rewarding - everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. We do so many fun activities like Arts and Crafts, Forest School children's activities and messy play! It is always a joy to see the kids having so much fun while they're also learning and developing. I have a degree in Primary Education with QTS. It is great to be able to contribute my knowledge to such a passionate and talented team. I feel very lucky to be part of such a great team!"
LUCY - early years leader at Moorlands camp

School holiday tennis camp FAQs

In the Tennis Camp programme, children can expect to take part in sports such as tennis, football, hockey, rounders, cricket, dodgeball, and lacrosse. They can also expect to part in games, arts and crafts, performing arts activities, team building activities and group challenges. 

Currently we are unable to provide lunch as an add on to our bookings. We ask that all parents provide their children with a packed lunch, snacks, and a refillable water bottle for throughout the day. Please note that we are strictly a nut-free Camp so please don’t provide any nut products for your children. 

  • Lunch box with healthy lunch
  • and two snacks, please note that
  • we have a strict no nuts policy.
  • Water Bottle
  • Waterproof coat
  • Medication (if required)
  • Bikes/scooters/skateboard/
  • rollerblades (Thursdays only & not for camp GSAL)
  • Tuck shop Money
Weather Dependant
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Sun cream
  • Sun hat
  • Warm layers
  • Spare shoes
Our Tennis Camp group is suitable for children aged 5 to 14 years old. 

Children can move up to our Junior Explorers group if their birthday falls within around 4 weeks of the date they will be booked on to camp. 

Customers reviews

What do our parents say?

My children have tried various holiday camps in London and other cities and United Education are definitely in the top three of all time. Really friendly staff, dedicated person for your child, fun activities, someone with them to help them with lunch, getting changed etc. I felt they were well supported and well entertained, not just chucked into a mass of kids with generic leaders, where their needs can easily be missed if the are not confident or old enough to ask.
United Education Parent
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