Performing arts camps for kids aged 6-14

Specialist performing arts camps for ages 8 to 14

 Who wants to learn how to tread the boards? Now your child can embrace the performer within and enjoy acting, drama, and musical movement at our performing arts camp – where stars are born and nurtured to shine bright!

Lots of children love the buzz they get out of acting. Others are naturally talented singers or have a flare for dance. Many want to learn the vital skills needed to perform with clarity –how to act out a part, move, project themselves and engage their audience. Even tips to overcoming stage fright!

Our daily schedules come courtesy of those who know – specialists with lots of experience performing in TV or theatre productions, many starting at the same young age as our campers. United stars will challenge your child while providing lots of life skills to help them grow in confidence, progress their performing arts journey beyond camp and always reach for the stars!


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  • Musical theatre
  • Dance
  • Acting
  • Behind the scene
  • Performance
  • Rehearsal
  • Circus
  • Directing
  • Pantomime
  • Singing
  • Group acting games
  • Improv

Facilities and locations

Each performing arts camp venue is perfect for the activities needed to teach and nurture our stars of tomorrow. Using a school’s facility – a theatre, hall or large classroom with plenty of space to move freely – our specialist team leaders deliver a daily schedule that has each budding star focused, feeling great and ready for “action”!

We are Ofsted accredited!

Staff reviews

What do our performing arts leaders say?

"It is amazing to see how much children grow in confidence just by being at the United Stars programme for 1 week. They get involved in so many different activities and enjoy planning for the end of week performance to parents. The final performance always wows everyone and has every parent feeling very proud.
KATIE - Stars staff member

Performing arts holiday camp FAQs

In the United Stars programme, children can expect to participate in lots of fun activities specific to the performing arts, including acting, singing, dancing, and musical movement.

Please read our blog post for more information on our performing arts club.

Currently, we cannot provide lunch as an add-on to our bookings. We ask parents to provide children with a packed lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle. Note that we are a strictly nut-free camp, so please, no nut products in pack-ups!

  • Healthy lunch and two snacks
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Waterproof coat*
  • Any medication
  • Money for the tuck shop

*On occasion, the campers may be involved in performing arts activities outdoors. They will also be told if any spare clothing or costumes are required.

Our performing arts camp is suitable to children aged 8 to 14 years. We group children together depending on their age and experience with the performing arts, from absolute beginners to serial board-treaders!

Customers reviews

What do our parents say?

STAR camp is just brilliant. Full 30 minute productions learned by the kids in 4-5 days. Would definitely recommend.
United Education Parent
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