United Stars performing arts programme

The Benefits of your Child Attending a Performing Arts Programme

Performing arts acting clubs for children aged 8-14

United Stars is United Education’s performing arts programme for children ages 8 – 14 years old. This camp for kids is packed full of amazing and thoughtful activities which are designed to teach your children the necessities of performing arts. The camp’s weekly timetable features activities which include different variations of acting styles, dance styles, and styles of singing. This timetable also allows time for rehearsal as each week campers will put on an end-of-week performance to showcase all the new skills which they have learnt. During their time at a United stars camp, children will have the opportunity to get involved with industry specific skills such as directing, stage design, costume, and make up too. Everything your child learns at camp will be taught to them by industry professionals, so you know that they are being taught by the best in the business!

Children performing at performing arts camp

What do children get up to at a United Stars performing arts camp

During your child’s time at a United performing arts camp, they will learn many new skills. Whether they prefer the limelight or are fascinated by backstage production, our highly skilled camp leaders will be able to find their passion and nurture it. Through learning these new skills within the performing arts sector, your child will also gain skills in other areas too, such as teamwork skills, how to overcome fears and anxieties about public speaking, and developing emotional intelligence. Learning these skills is just as fundamental in the progression of your child’s journey into the performing arts as learning the skills of drama, dance and singing is.

Performing arts class for children aged 8-14

Another important skill that your child will learn at United Stars will be the development of their confidence. Some children may take to the stage like a duck to water, however, it is completely normal for some to be a little more reserved, especially in their first couple of days at camp. Our multi-talented camp leaders are trained to view each child as an individual so that they can best cater to every child’s individual needs appropriately. This means that camp leaders can identify when a child needs a little more guidance to break out of their shell. Children can then carry this newfound confidence with them into the future.

As these holiday camps are run by performing arts professionals, this means that your child will also have a fantastic opportunity to network, if they desire to take their newfound performing arts skills further. Having connections within the performing arts industry is tremendously helpful for any budding actor, dancer, or singer. Often a good word from someone higher up in their field, who can honestly vouch for you as they have worked with you prior, can mean all the difference! Who knows, a week at our United Stars camp could be the start of your child being discovered.

Performing arts programme for children

There are so many reasons to book your child on for a week at our United Stars performing arts camp. From learning new skills, to developing their confidence, to a fantastic opportunity to network, United Stars has been specifically programmed to support and nurture your child’s interest in the performing arts.




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