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The Benefits of Summer Camps for Young Children

Have you ever wanted to send your child to a Summer Camp but worry they might be too young? 

If you think your youngest child is too young for Summer Camps, think again. At United Education, we understand that the early years are an incredibly important time in your child’s social, intellectual, and physical development. Summer Camps ensure that children continue to flourish during the most critical development years of their lives. But what are the real benefits of attending a Summer Camp? Read on to find out.

Physical Activity 

We know that children seem to have an inexhaustible amount of energy. It is clear that physical activity has far-reaching benefits to children’s physical and mental health. Regular physical activity has also been shown to help ease anxiety, tantrums and even regulate their sleep schedule! On Summer Camps there is no shortage of exercise. Your children will be coming home happy and exhausted at the end of the day.

New Skills 

Children’s brains at this age are constantly evolving and adapting. Young Children love variety and on our Summer Camps they will have the opportunity to try lots of activities that they may have never done before. With so much to choose from, it can be a great opportunity to spark a future interest and passion for something new. Play is incredibly important to a child’s development. It allows them to explore their imagination and express their thoughts and emotions.

Social Development 

Joining a Summer Camp presents young children with endless real-life opportunities to learn from others. Learning to interact with other children (including sharing and taking turns) is a huge benefit of attending Camp. Children will be introduced to a new group of friends. They will have the chance to socialise with children from different backgrounds. Interacting with a diverse group from a young age is a great way to teach vital life lessons such as tolerance and respect. In the last year, children have had very limited peer group exposure. For us, bringing children back together feels more important than ever. 


Summer Camps are a great practice run for younger children before school starts. A day packed full of fun and friendship might seem less daunting than starting school. Camp also introduces children to concepts such as schedules and interacting with other children in a group setting. This provides them with a preview of some elements of school life in a relaxed and fun way.

Mini Explorers Adventure Camps for 3-4 year olds

Our Mini Explorers program has been designed to ensure we meet the social, emotional and physical needs of your children. Our Camps provide a unique place to grow and develop, allowing children to become more independent and self confident, whilst making life-long friends. Your children will be excited by our varied choice of activities, such as crafts, nature activities, sensory and soft play, and treasure hunts.  We know that Summer Camps can seem daunting at first. Don’t worry, because our caring meet-and-greet service ensures there is always a friendly face on hand. Our team ensures that everyone receives the very best first-time camp experience. In fact, many children continue with us all the way from Mini Explorers to Senior Explorers! Click here to learn more 


Who’s ready for a Summer of Play?