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October Half Term

Tales from our Autumn Adventures

We had an action-packed few weeks playing, laughing and learning on our Half Term Camps. We ran at 8 different venues across the UK, giving children the opportunity to unleash their inner adventurer. There were lots of spooktacular Halloween activities as well as plenty of time outside in the fresh Autumn sunshine. We visited a few of our sites throughout the week, and even had time to toast a cheeky marshmallow (or two) on the campfire. Here’s a little snapshot of what we got up to.  


Halloween Fun 

 Our campers got into the Halloween spirit this Half Term with lots of wickedly fun activities. They enjoyed getting crafty with their pumpkins, as well as having some spooky makeovers. We were so impressed with their amazing designs, take a look. 


   Camp GSAL was the perfect place for campers to let loose and have fun this Half Term. They had the best time playing games together and burning off some energy. They played lots of Camp classic games such as SPLAT, as well some exciting new games. One that the campers really enjoyed was called Sharks. 

How to play Sharks 

   For this game, a few players are chosen as sharks and have to stand at one end of the playing field. The other players are called ‘fish’ and stand at the opposite side of the field. When the game starts, the fish have to run as fast as they can to the opposite side without being tagged by the sharks. If they are tagged they turn into ‘seaweed’ meaning they have to stay still. However, once you are turned into a seaweed you are still able to catch the ‘fish’ by reaching out to grab them. The game finishes once everyone is turned into seaweed. The campers absolutely loved it, and we are sure it will be making an appearance on our Camps in the future. 

Outdoor Activities

  Despite the odd rainy day, we made sure that our campers spent plenty of time taking part in various nature and outdoor activities.  A camp favourite were den-building activities, with Campers challenged to see who could create the biggest and best den. We think they did a great job! 


Survival Academy

  Our Survival Academy campers at Moorlands School learned so many new skills with a back to nature experience like no other. From shelter building to animal tracking, our Camp provided the perfect balance of play, adventure, and creativity. We really love the setting for our Survival Academy at Moorlands. It’s a peaceful space that gives our Campers the opportunity to share in the joys and challenges of the great outdoors.

An unforgettable performance

 The fabulous performers on our Star Academy this week pulled off an incredible show for family and friends, with just four days to put it together. You wouldn’t have known it though, the talent and energy in this room was through the roof! A huge well done to all of the performers. We cannot wait to see what you do next.

                     Laser Tag at Thorpe

3,2,1, GO!!! Our campers at Thorpe St Andrews this week enjoyed some exhilarating games of laser tag. They also used their creative skills to get crafty, decorating some Halloween biscuits. It looks like both the campers and the staff were having the best time getting involved.


Fun in the Swimming Pool

It’s been great getting children back in the pool again on some of our Camps this Half Term. We know how important swimming is as a life skill, and we are passionate about teaching water confidence and safety. Here you can see some of our very proud Wild and Junior Explorers receiving their certificate and badges for swimming. Well done everyone!  


 Although we are sad that Camps are over for now, thankfully our Christmas Camps are not too far away. Our Christmas Camps are now available to book and will be running at The Mount School York, Moorlands School Leeds, and Notre Dame Preparatory School Norfolk. Just click your chosen venue to book your space.