Swim School – School Provision

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If you require mobile, fully qualified swimming teachers with years of teaching knowledge, experience and lifeguard qualifications then we can help. Our highly trained teachers are experts at identifying and assessing the needs of each individual, and tailoring our programme to encourage each person’s natural ability to shine through. 

We are available to teach and guide your school teachers through the basic elements of teaching swimming. We provide our own equipment and can also offer classroom sessions on water safety, survival skills along with helpful worksheets if desired. Badges and certificates are also available for you to purchase for pupils. 

All lessons are run in line with the STA School Swimming Academy. Starfish will provide: 

  • Risk Assessment,  
  • Ability Report   
  • Specialised lesson plans for children. 
  • Half Termly Achievement Reports  
  • Teacher : Pupil Ratio 1:8. 
  • Qualified, experienced & knowledgeable teachers who teach in the water. 

This service is a unique and valuable tool as learning to swim is a key life skill for any child. Swimming will teach your pupils independence, get them active, and also provide them with the ability to get themselves out of potentially life-threatening situations.  

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