Swim school – Junior Lifeguard and Junior Medic

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Our junior medic and lifeguard programmes are delivered in an exciting way that gets children involved, engaged and motivated. This is a great opportunity for children to connect with the community and help save lives.

Junior medic

We believe that all young people should have access to first aid training. The Junior Medic Programme is a comprehensive course aimed at children aged 8+ years, that has been developed to ensure the teaching of vital life-saving techniques. The programme covers a range of scenarios such as what to do if someone has a sprain, broken a bone, has an asthma attack, heart attack, or suffers cuts and grazes.  

This is a great opportunity to reach out to the community and help save lives.

Junior lifeguard

STA’s Junior Lifeguard Academy is a survival and rescue training programme that has been specifically created for young people aged from 8 years (for the aquatic programmes, learners must be able to swim 50 metres continuously unaided). This fun-packed programme offers something for everyone; from lifeguarding skills and first aid, to boogie boarding, ocean awareness, distance, sports skills, and health and wellbeing. 

Learners work entirely at their own pace; there is no pressure of a set timetable or deadline to complete the programme. Knowledge is reinforced through fun games and all the missions and challenges are progressive. Learners earn colourful, age-appropriate certificates as they complete set parts of the programme. Many of the skills do not have to be completed in a swimming pool and can be done at home, club, school, or even online.