Why Summer Camps are more important than ever

Summer Camps are Back!

After such a disruptive and difficult year, Summer Camps provide the perfect antidote for your children’s return to normality. Summer Camps contain all the ingredients that children have been missing. Getting outdoors, meeting new people, being independent, and collaborating together in groups. In the past Camps have been seen as an optional add-on to enrich a child’s school holidays. However, we believe that Camps are now becoming an indispensable summer experience. 


“Most people think of school as essential and camp as elective. What I have come to realize is that camp gives kids that deep drink of connection, creativity, and of inspiration. This grounds them and fortifies them for the demands of the rest of the school year. Socialization and deep relationships are not a frivolous add-on for kids – they are not ‘elective.’ They are the essential core ingredients that are the key to all other kinds of growth and maturation young people experience.” Bob Ditter,  child and adolescent therapist.


 Summer Camps forge lifelong friendships

We know that nothing correlates more to a happy child than feeling connected to others. Recently, children have been deprived of non-familial social interaction. Although we all found creative ways to keep in touch, Summer Camps help facilitate the in-person connections that we all crave. Camp is filled with moments of connection. Whether it’s working together in team challenges or learning a new skill as a group. According to psychologist Susan Pinker, “Face-to-face contact releases a whole cascade of neurotransmitters. Like a vaccine, they protect you now, in the present, and well into the future.” 

Unplugged fun in the sun

Summer 2021 is the time for children to unplug from technology and get moving! Running, climbing and playing, all lead to children coming home happy, exhausted and bursting with pride at what they’ve achieved that day. Over the last year, children have had limited access to new activities. Summer Camps provide ample opportunities for children to learn new skills and enjoy these new experiences. 

Improved Mental Wellness

 Summer Camps provide a safe space to alleviate some of the damage that has been done to the mental health and well-being of children. Between the social, physical, and creative aspects of Camp, it’s the perfect place for children to truly stretch their wings again. As a result, Campers will be able to enjoy ‘Childhood Freedom’ every day as we prioritise play. The opportunity for kids to get outside and be around other children is priceless. 

Camp provides opportunities for children to interact with new adults

We know how much children look to adults to learn how they should act and behave. On Camp, children are surrounded by positive role models who are there to motivate and inspire. Our Activity Leaders teach them important life skills which they can take with them into their school years and beyond. The pervasive growth mindset of camp culture creates an environment that is so conducive to learning. Watching the activity leaders constantly learning inspires campers to want to learn and develop too. There will never be a shortage of people on camp cheering your child on as we celebrate every little win and every challenge conquered. 

There is still time to get involved with our Summer Camps, just click here to see what Camps still have availability near you.