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Introducing our Star Academy

Lights, Camera, Action 

  At United Education, we know that adventure isn’t just about action. We have designed our Star Academy programme to foster creativity and help children discover their talent and passion. It has been wonderful watching children thrive as they catch up on all the creativity and fun that they missed out on last year. 

Our Star Academy is suitable for any child aged 8-14. We just ask that they bring their enthusiasm, and of course their best singing voice and dancing feet! Each day at our Star Academy is packed full of exciting activities, and inspirational training. Our incredibly talented team of staff will guide your children through workshops on acting, dancing, and singing. As well as exploring behind the scenes of set design, directing, costume and make-up. Campers can show off their skills in an atmosphere that is unmatched in supportiveness, encouragement, and positivity. Read on to find out some of the key skills your child can develop on our performing arts Camp.

Self- Confidence

Having the courage to stand up and perform in front of a group of strangers is a huge confidence booster. Children are given the opportunity to explore outside of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment. They learn that making mistakes (like forgetting a line or missing a cue) is okay. Each performer is an essential part of the group and this can do wonders for their self-esteem. 


On our performing arts programme, children are able to explore different roles and personalities and open up their minds to the endless possibilities of what they can be. We provide a safe space, free of judgment where children can truly express their creative side. 


Performing isn’t just about the individual, but how a group can come together and work as a team to achieve an end result. By collaborating and sharing ideas our performers can produce something truly magical. We often find that the best way to make great, often lifelong friends is to share a unique experience like a Performing Arts Camp.


Through performing arts children have the opportunity to express themselves through character, story development, movement, and dialogue. These skills also translate to real-life,  helping with presentation skills, vocal projection, tone of speech, and articulation that are incredibly valuable in adulthood. 

 Our Star Academy will be running at The Grammar School at Leeds this October Half Term.