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Benefits of Summer Camps For Teenagers

Beating summer boredom seems to become more difficult as children advance into their teens.

For many parents, Summer Camps are seen as something for younger children to enjoy. However, it is teenagers that can see some of the greatest benefits of Summer Camps.


What are the benefits of Summer Camps for teenagers? 


1. They will develop new skills 

Your teen’s growth and curiosity don’t take a break just because school finishes. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to discover new interests and explore new skills in the day-to-day routine of school.  Summer Camps provide teenagers with so much scope for learning and development. Whether it’s learning a new sport or discovering how to create a shelter from scratch, these skills can translate to real-life gains by providing teens with the tools to be successful in adulthood.

2. They will improve their physical and mental well-being 

Summer Camps promote the physical and mental wellbeing of your teens in a fun and social way. They will have days packed full of physical activity and social fulfillment. As your child approaches their teenage years they may have started to become bored or uninspired by summer activities they previously enjoyed. Joining a teen-focused Camp will allow them to develop positive values whilst staying active and healthy with a busy schedule of new and exciting activities.

3. They will enjoy tech-free time 

During the long summer holidays, the temptation to spend it in front of a screen is high. Camps provide teens with the opportunity to improve their face-to-face communication skills and enjoy authentic experiences with a real social network as opposed to a virtual one. There will be no shortage of opportunities for them to head outside, reconnect with nature, and use up all that energy. Spending more time outside away from screens will enrich their perception of the world and spark their curiosity. Click here for some great tips on how to limit screen time.

4. They will build friendships with like-minded people

New friendships are one of the most personal and lasting benefits of your teen attending a summer camp. Camp provides a relaxed environment in which new friendships can thrive. Often we fall into friendships through convenience when we are younger, as we have limited exposure to other groups of people. At Camp, your teenagers will have the opportunity to socialise with a variety of people from different schools and different backgrounds. Teenagers will develop meaningful and often life-long friendships through joining a like-minded community. 

5. They will have a really (really) great time 

In our opinion, the biggest benefit for teens of attending a summer camp is that it is great fun! It’s the perfect remedy for summer boredom. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days trying out new activities, with new friends, in beautiful venues? How often do we hear the phrase ‘children grow up so fast now’, and it’s true. As they move towards adulthood, children are subject to increasing pressures and expectations. Summer Camps give them the opportunity to enjoy being young, free of any burdens and simply have fun! After a difficult year full of restrictions, Summer Camps are the perfect way to bring curiosity, joy, and self-discovery back into their summer holidays.

Senior Explorers Program

Our Senior Explorers program for 12-14-year-olds has been designed with your teenagers in mind. We mix the same level of care and protection with adrenalin-filled challenges and plenty of time to kick back and relax with friends. It’s all about the sense of freedom, responsibility, adventure, and dawn till dusk fun. Learn more about our Senior Explorers program here.