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100 Miles for Mind

United Education take on the 100 Miles for Mind challenge


For the month of October as a team we’ve been completing the 100 Miles for Mind challenge. We have been walking/cycling/ running and swimming our way through the month. Raising money for an important charity along the way. Mind is an incredible charity that provides advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We are proud to support a charity who say they ‘won’t give up until everyone experiencing mental health problems gets support and respect’. 

To achieve this challenge many of us adapted our way of getting in to work, choosing to walk as opposed to taking public transport or driving. We also started heading out on a weekly team lunchtime stroll from the office.  This quickly became a favourite part of the week for the team. Nick, our Director also racked up his steps on a visit to London for the UK Active conference. Choosing to walk across London as opposed to taking the tube.

We’ve even had some of our four-legged friends join in on the challenge. Here’s a snap from our Marketing Assistant Louisa, out on a walk with her dog Dizzy and her cat Gino. 

 For all of us at United Education HQ this challenge has provided benefits that we were not even expecting. Of course, raising money for such a worthwhile cause has united us all. However, it’s also been great taking time in our day to get away from our screens, and actually taking a break in nature. Our productivity and happiness at work has increased as a result. It’s sometimes easy (especially when working in an office) to neglect the amount of time we are spending outside. Even more so now the colder weather is sweeping in. This challenge has highlighted how important getting moving throughout the day is, and also how little we might have been doing before. I know for many of us in the office, we will definitely be making more of an effort to include lunchtime walks as part of our daily routine. 

Ruby, our Community Engagement Officer who encouraged us all to get involved with this challenge, had this to say about the benefits of taking part in this challenge

There are so many studies that show the wonders that walking can do for your mental wellbeing. It’s proven to improve self-perception and self-esteem, as well as improving our mood and the amount of sleep we are getting. It’s also well known to reduce stress and anxiety. If the day seems to be getting on top of you, some fresh-air and a walk can help clear the brain fog and ensure you’re ready to tackle the day. The physical improvements that you gain by walking can also help improve your mental health. Regular walking can make you feel fitter and more comfortable in your body.

Louisa our Marketing Assistant said ‘Before this challenge I had a goal of being able to run a 5k comfortably. I really struggled to do it without being flat out exhausted before. By week 3 I managed my first full 5k, and I feel really confident and happy that I have achieved my goal. Onwards and upwards from here.’ 



   We found that walking together in a group was a great way to stay motivated and make exercise more fun. If this interests you, we recommend checking out your local Walking for Health scheme. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored, supported and encouraged us. There’s still time to donate if you would like to, just click here to donate.