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Adventure Camps

Formerly our Bears programme.

Be creative and curious as our fantastic Mini Explorers Club offers a unique and carefully paced programme to ensure all 3 and 4-year olds receive the very best first-time camp experience. Be excited with our varied choice of activities, and a caring meet-and-greet service which ensures there is always a friendly face on hand as well as an exciting plan for the day.

mini-explorers mini-explorers

Formerly our Foxes programme.

We know just how important achievement is to Junior Explorers and we create multiple opportunities by pairing exciting challenges with age specific equipment, such as smaller archery equipment and short tennis racquets. A day in Juniors Club is one that has just the right balance to keep everyone happy.

junior-explorers junior-explorers

Formerly our Wild Cats programme.

Our Wild Explorers club is perfect for children that love to express themselves. Whether that’s through playtime, performance or craft, they will be spoilt for choice when it comes to our long list of exciting activities. Wild Explorers are always laughing and having fun.

wild-explorers wild-explorers

Formerly our Bisons programme.

For our older campers we mix the same level of care and protection with adrenalin-filled challenges and plenty of time to kick back and relax with friends. Our experienced staff get the balance just right and allow the group to define their camp experience. It’s all about the sense of freedom, responsibility, adventure and dawn till dusk fun.

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