Juniors Swim

Group swimming classes for children 5+

From pool-based games to certificates and badges, we’ll ensure that your children stay engaged and entertained as they develop their coordination, swim stroke ability, and water confidence. Giving your child the opportunity to progress in swimming could be the beginning of a new passion that they will truly enjoy throughout their life.


Swimming Awards

Octopus Series

An exciting series of 3 progressive awards specifically designed for children aged between 5 to 8 years old. Our rewards scheme has been designed to inspire and motivate children to be the best they can be. 

Goldfish Series

This programme is designed to be the next stage for swimmers who have progressed through either the STAnley First Steps Series or Octopus Series. 

Angelfish Series

Prepares swimmers to swim 25m without aid, perform butterfly stroke as well as mastering sculling techniques and entries to the water.

Shark Series

This series educates swimmers in basic water rescue and survival techniques as well as starts and turns for each of the strokes. 

Facilities and locations

Each Junior Swim School venue is perfect for the swimming lessons. – Our team creates a term plan that’s well-paced and engaging, with plenty of games and fun along the way.*


Customers reviews

What do our parents say?

My children have tried various holiday camps in London and other cities and United Education are definitely in the top three of all time. Really friendly staff, dedicated person for your child, fun activities, someone with them to help them with lunch, getting changed etc. I felt they were well supported and well entertained, not just chucked into a mass of kids with generic leaders, where their needs can easily be missed if the are not confident or old enough to ask.
United Education Parent