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What to Bring to a United Adventure Summer Holiday Camp

Exciting, fun and empowering Summer holiday clubs for children aged 3-14

This summer we have several different activity camps running nationwide. At United Education we always view each child as an individual with their own specific set of likes and dislikes. Because of this we provide multiple camp programmes, each with their own style and themes, so that we are always able to provide every child with an experience that they are sure to love.

United Adventure camp is for those who want to try a bit of everything. Featuring multiple activities in a child-led environment, a United Adventure camp’s aim is to get children back to nature with most activities being held outside. United Sports camps range from football and tennis specific programmes to United Swim School and Multi-Sports camps. These camps are designed to appeal to all ability types so every child can get the most out of their time at these camps. United Stars programme is for those children who love the limelight, have a flare for dance and who like to show off their singing skills. Taught by professionals in their field, each child will leave this camp with insider knowledge of the performing arts world. Finally, we have United Kids Club. This camp was created for children who thrive in quitter environments, prefer smaller groups and a slower pace. Kids Club is ideal for newcomers to a United activity camp as well as for those with special needs.

Summer holiday camps for children aged 3-14

10 things to pack to a United Adventure Summer holiday day camp

While the excitement of summer camps beginning can seem to overshadow everything else, it’s always best to be prepared for a day chock full of fun activities. Here is a list of our United camp summer essentials:

  1. A re-usable water bottle – It is always important for your child to stay hydrated, however, as the days are starting to heat up, it’s more important than ever to make sure that they are drinking enough water throughout the day. A re-usable water bottle is an absolute essential to bring to any of our summer holiday camps. Each site will have a water re-fill station, so your child always has access to water whenever they need it.
  2. Lunch – As lunch is not provided at camp, a lunch box with a healthy, balanced, lunch inside is another essential for any United summer camp.

3. Two healthy snacks – Your child will be doing a lot of running around, or other sorts of activity during their days at camp, so we make sure to stop for regular snack breaks. What better way to restore those energy levels than a couple of healthy snacks? Fruit, nuts, and healthy cereal bars are ideal.

4. Weather appropriate clothing – We know we know; British weather can be so unpredictable. That’s why we often advise layering when it comes to your child’s clothing for the day. It may be sunny right now, but a t-shirt isn’t going to be much help when the heavens unexpectedly open during a game of bubble football! We always say it’s better to be overprepared than underprepared and we bet they’ll be thanking you later for packing that jumper and rain mac!

5. Shoes to run around in – Each United camp focuses on getting your child active through play. This means lots of running around. Sure, their sequin ballet pumps look lovely, however don’t let them twist your arm! Sturdy shoes are needed for a United summer holiday camp.

6. Sun cream – The sun is finally shining on us, and we couldn’t be happier! But this doesn’t mean that we can disregard sun safety. For those summer camps which take place outdoors a factor 30 sun cream is ideal to pack in your child’s bag so it can be reapplied as and when needed.

7. Medication – If your child requires specific medication then please make site managers aware of this prior to their first day at camp. This way our lovely activity leaders can monitor them and make sure that it is taken at the right time.

Summer holiday children sports camp programmes

8. Swim kit – If your child is attending a United Swim School then this is very much an essential! Though, a United Adventure camp may also have swimming on their timetable during the week if the site which the camp is being held at is a swim venue. Parents will be contacted prior to be informed if their child will be needing a swim kit at camp.

9. A toy – A comfort toy is encouraged, especially if your child is nervous about their first day at camp, although we highly advise to only bring toys to camp that you or your child don’t mind being damaged (as this is a high probability at camp so sentimental or expensive toys should be left at home).

10. Bike or Scooter – On Thursdays at United Adventure camps, children can bring in their own bikes or scooters to play on during the day.

For an added bonus we also have one what NOT to bring to camp:

11. No electronics – United holiday camps are all about getting back to basics. We want to encourage creativity and imagination without the use of electronic devices, so we discourage bringing electronics on site. Camp is a time to interact with new people, make new friends, and to learn new things without the distraction of phones or handheld games consoles.


Overall, it’s not the end of the world if you accidentally forget something on this list as our highly trained activity leaders are super resourceful and will do their best to supply your child with anything they need during their time at camp. We hope this list has been helpful to you and we cannot wait to see your children back at a United camp this summer!

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