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Introducing our Trailblazer Programme

Empowering Through Experience


At United Education we know that the teenage years are an incredibly transformative period. With this in mind, we have designed our Trailblazer Programme to help teens feel valued and positively engaged.

Our programme is completely free. It’s available for any ambitious 15-16 year olds looking for an insight into working on our United Adventure Camps. It’s the perfect opportunity for teenagers to get more out of their holidays. They will be volunteering alongside our Activity Leaders, helping to deliver our adventure-packed programme.

Your teen can expect lots of laughter as they soak in all the fun that Camp provides. As well as ample learning opportunities and endless scope for personal development.

What are the benefits? 

Taking part in our Trailblazer Programme fosters tolerance, independence, confidence, self- reliance and adaptability. It provides teens with ample scope to polish their skills and also understand their strengths and weaknesses. Leaving them with an increased sense of purpose, and a boosted self-esteem.

   Leadership and Communication 

Volunteering on Camp provides teens with an invaluable opportunity to hone their soft skills through hands-on experience. For example, it is extremely useful for developing communication skills. Something that can be easily transferred into both their work and social life. Volunteering on Camp can make a lasting impact on how your teen connects with others. Whether they’re naturally shy or outgoing and loud, the experience will encourage them to come out of their shell. Our enthusiastic and passionate Activity Leaders will help them discover the confidence they need to grow into outstanding adults.

Activity Planning 

As part of their day-to-day duties on Camp, Trailblazers will assist Activity Leaders with the daily programme of activities. Teens can use their skills and creativity and put them to good use. As well as learning lots of tips from their peers. All of our staff team play a vital role in making our United Adventure Camps a success, and this includes our Trailblazers. At the end of the week they will be able to enjoy the immense satisfaction of contributing to our Campers fantastic experience and lifetime of memories.

CV Builder

Not only do our Trailblazers develop important life skills such as the ones mentioned above, but it’s also a great way to kickstart a career in numerous industries such as childcare and coaching. Although University and a full-time career may seem a long way, volunteering on Camp provides a useful and impressive addition to personal statements and CVs and will be a great conversation starter at future interviews.

Staying Active 

On our Camps each day is full of energising and fun activities that keep both our Campers and staff active. We know for many teens they often prefer to stay in and play online during the holidays as opposed to spending their time outside. Volunteering on Camp provides a respite from all of the pressures of modern life and technology. They can spend time outdoors, unplugged from technology, and reconnecting with nature. They will be so busy enjoying themselves, that they won’t have the time to think about checking their phone.

Positive Role Models 

We take great pride in recruiting Activity Leaders that will model positive behaviours for both our Campers and our Trailblazers. These include; being a good team player, a good listener, and a caring and enthusiastic leader. We know the positive impact that role models like these can have on the young teens who take part in our programme. Not only do Trailblazers enjoy countless fun experiences and memories with their Activity Leaders but they also take steps on a developmental path that will lead to a healthy, happy future.

       What will they do on a day-to-day?

When working on Camp with us, no day will be the same. They will be working alongside our Activity Leaders assisting with running Camp registration as well as delivering our exciting program of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, drama, and bushcraft. It will give them the background information to know what it’s like to manage a Camp and work with children. Our programme is flexible, your teen does not need to commit to a week or longer, they can choose individual days to suit them. Though we do recommend where possible to join us for the  full week to get the most well-rounded Camp experience.

How do we sign up?

This October Half Term we will have venues across North and West Yorkshire, Nottingham, Norfolk and the North West of England. To register your interest in the Trailblazer programme all you need to do is click here, choose the venue closest to you, and head through to the booking stage. We can’t wait to welcome more Trailblazers to Camp this October and help empower them through experience.