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Multi-Sports Camp


Multi-Sport Camp is the perfect opportunity for you to experience a variety of sports all in one place! Everyday on camp you will explore a different sport, through training sessions devised by our highly qualified coaches, specifically designed for budding young sports stars aged 6-14. 

If your sports mad like we are then you might already know that most sports are categorised into the following groups: 

Invasion Games 

Football / Rugby / Netball / Lacrosse / Handball / Basketball / Goalball

Skills transferred: Sending and receiving, dodging, speed & agility, spatial awareness, change of speed / direction, anticipation, footwork, maintaining possession, defensive positioning, creating space, attacking the goal. 

Net and Wall games 

Tennis / Badminton / Squash / Volleyball / Table Tennis

Skills transferred:  Spatial awareness, creating space on offence / reducing space on defence, movement strategies, manipulation skills and effort awareness. 

Striking and Fielding Sports 

Cricket / Rounders / Baseball

Skills transferred: Locomotor skills, risk vs reward decision making, hand eye co-ordination to strike a ball, strategising as a team, covering space.

Target Sports 

Boccia / Bowling / Golf / Archery  

Skills transferred: Hand-eye / foot-eye accuracy, synchronisation of multiple body parts to release an object, gross and fine motor skills to alter flight path of released objects, aim and accuracy, protection of target.

Individual Sports

Swimming / Athletics / Gymnastics 

Sports are separated into these groups because they share common strategies and transferable skillsThis is why we have devised a program that means you will experience ALL sports types throughout your week on camp. Our specialist coaches will help you develop all the skills you need to participate/compete in games and competitions.




Starting from £32 per day.

Please visit our venues and prices page for more information.


Ilkley Grammar School – Ilkley

Example Week

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